About Us

All Star Catering is the new explosive re-brand of All About Food.

Multiple award-winning caterer - All About Food, was conceptualized & launched in 2007, by Shaun Woolf – renowned chef & entrepreneur, which gives All Star Catering a backing of 14 years in the industry.

Due to Covid having a large impact on all aspects of life, from limited events, people wanting delivery convenience & the growth in virtual hosted events, we decided to follow the new norm trend & have created a new spin off company that will provide the same 5-star service with a stellar twist.

If you browse through the website, you will see all the offerings that we have. What sets All Star Catering apart from other caterers & food suppliers, is that we are happy to create customized menus for our clients & customer service is the most important aspect of our business.

All Star Catering will always be All About Food. It is time to spoil your taste buds!

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